Our luxury tent resort is a unique honeymoon destination & a romantic weekend getaway near Delhi. It is one of the best family vacation resort with inexpensive holiday deals at an affordable cost.


About Us

The Kasbah Resort is a part of the ADAH Hospitality Group and is a beautiful tented accommodation situated in Sonipat District on main Delhi-Chandigarh Highway (NH-1), just 64 kms. from the hectic Delhi life. We have created this serene resort for those who miss the fragrance of nature in the concrete jungle. The resort reconnects you to nature and breathes in the positive energy in you through lots of comfort, entertainment & fun activities. It is here that you can rejuvenate your body and infuse peace and tranquility in your mind.

Stay, eat, enjoy, recreate, rejuvenate, and do a lot more at The Kasbah Resort! We offer our guests a level of services that sets the bar high in terms of soothing accommodation, fabulous dining, entertainment and of course the overall experience - which will ease your excursions and will make your stay at this luxury resort memorable for life.

The resort carries the romance of a luxury tent which has always been an important part of Rajput & Mughal lifestyles. Whenever they camped far away from forts and palaces for hunting trips, special events & wars, they used to have an unique experience of living in adventurous tented camps. The resort has the shadow of those adventurous heritage tents where the traditional colors are preserved.

The natural charm of the place is in itself the most exquisite feature of our hospitality. The best part of the tents is that they are very safe and secure as they are innovatively crafted in a colorful way with the highest quality fixtures and the most comfortable furnishings. Every tent is beautifully furnished with antique furniture and has comfortable attached bathrooms with other important facilities.

Live dance and music performance all through the evenings is one of the major attractions and for fun with all modern amenities and games. Few visitors can resist the temptation to join the artists and dance with the music. The exposure of the folk artists has revived many of the art and crafts that were getting all but forgotten in these modern times. A beautiful and simple stay that is perfect if you want to respite from the rigor of Indian roads and the busy schedule.